Hello there!

My name is Mikael Vesavuori, and I design + develop experiences & interactions.

Selected projects

Design and technology should help solve hard problems in society and industry, as well as give people more room for the moments they love.

Computers are better at computing than people are. New technologies provide the fabric for less obtrusive ways of living around products and services. Ambient, calm, and intelligent technologies — letting computers do what they do best, but a lot less visibly — will enable higher-quality human-human/human-machine interactions and social/service processes, without useless cognitive overhead. We can again begin to talk about the "big" questions with each other, rather than being stuck in our screens filling in for stupid technology.

Currently I am a Systems Architect at Humblebee, where I began as a Technical Designer. Before that, I was a Frontend Developer at Sogeti, and in 2015 I co-founded Being with Niklas Persson, whom I continue to work with.

A Drift (2014-) Children of Zen (2013) It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Blows Their Brains Out (2011-2012) Research on 'scapes' (2013—) Chair for Democracy (2013) Redo/Undo: Experimenting in the Commons (2015) West East Quarter-Mile Sprint (Performance Symbol) (2013) Vistas (2011)